The Curriculum

Summer 2014 will begin on Monday, May 19 and end on Tuesday, July 22.  Final exams will occur from July 25-31.

In the summer, students will begin the program with a nine-week semester of 10 credit hours, consisting of three 3-credit substantive courses and the one-credit Law School Foundations. The substantive courses are expected to include Contracts I and Torts I, as well as Lawyering Process I: Legal Methods. 

In the four subsequent fall and spring semesters, students will take 16 credits of law school courses; these include substantive courses, skills courses, and experiential learning. In addition, students will take 10 credits of coursework during their second summer semester, as well as one skills course during each of three subsequent Intersession semesters. By the conclusion of the Fast Track program, students will have taken 90 credits in the law school curriculum, fulfilling the same requirements and educational experiences as students in the three-year program.