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News & Noteworthy

Faculty News and Updates

Professor Jeffrey Schmitt has accepted an offer from the Oklahoma Law Review to publish his article, “In Defense of Shelby County’s Principle of Equal State Sovereignty.”  His article provides the first academic defense of one of the Roberts Court’s most important decisions. In Shelby County, the Court struck down a key aspect of the Voting Rights Act based on “the principle that all States enjoy equal sovereignty.”  Scholars seem to agree that the equal sovereignty doctrine is unworkable, undermines individual rights, and lacks any basis in precedent or constitutional history.  Professor Schmitt argues, however, that these critics fundamentally misunderstand the equal sovereignty principle.  Properly conceived, he contends that it is a workable doctrine that would produce defensible results and is fully consistent with the history of federalism in the United States.

Last Thursday Professor Rod Sullivan appeared on The Morning Show on WJXT-TV4 to discuss the conviction of the Boston Marathon bomber, and the upcoming sentencing phase of his trial. 

Florida Coastal clinics continue to help

Florida Coastal's in house clinics recently received praise from two local news stations as its work continues to help members of the community.

In all of the in house clinics, students, receiving guidance and supervision from a full-time faculty member who is a member of the Florida Bar, represent indigent clients who are referred from various agencies. Learn more about FCSL's in-house clinics.