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News & Noteworthy

Faculty News and Updates

The Chinese translation of Professor Alan G. Williams’s book “Physician, Protect Thyself” will be released in China next week.  In association with the book’s publication, Professor Williams will travel to China this summer to lecture to physicians regarding prevention of medical errors and will conduct seminars for medical students and resident physicians regarding patient safety.  “Physician, Protect Thyself” is the best-selling medical malpractice book of all time, has been reviewed in the Journal of the American Medical Association, the Mayo Clinic Proceedings, and the Journal of Healthcare Risk Management, and is now available in 17 different countries.

The Journal of Law & Health has extended an offer to Professor Alan G. Williams to publish his latest medical-legal scholarship, “Save Thousands of Lives Every Year: Resuscitate the Peer Review Privilege.”  In the article, Professor Williams explains how the Patient Safety & Quality Improvement Act implicitly creates a federal medical peer review privilege and argues that the Act provides physicians an even broader privilege than previously existed under state statutory schemes.  Professor Williams recommends hospitals and physicians employ this new privilege in their efforts to reduce medical errors and improve patient safety, and describes how to do so.  Professor Williams has accepted the publication offer.

On April 25 Professor Roederer gave a speech on the history of the separation of church and state to the Clay County chapter of the Americans United for the Separation of Church and State. Read more here http://bit.ly/1GW8aBd

Florida Coastal clinics continue to help

Florida Coastal's in house clinics recently received praise from two local news stations as its work continues to help members of the community.

In all of the in house clinics, students, receiving guidance and supervision from a full-time faculty member who is a member of the Florida Bar, represent indigent clients who are referred from various agencies. Learn more about FCSL's in-house clinics.