What are the chances of successfully completing the AAMPLE® program and being admitted to the J.D. program?

Not all students who complete the AAMPLE® program will be admitted to the next JD class. In the 25 year history of the program, about 20%-50% of the students in any given year are successful. In some years the success rate has dropped as low as 11% and in other years it has climbed to as high as 73%. There is no “quota” on the number of AAMPLE® students who will be admitted to the Law School. All those who meet the course and overall GPA requirements are offered admission into the Law School after successfully completing the additional Law School requirements. The usual range, however, is approximately 20%-50% of enrolled AAMPLE® students. There is of course, no way to know how many will be successful in a given year.

The average success / pass rate at FCSL for the the last year is 56%.