Frequently Asked Questions - AAMPLE Program

Comments will not be given on Final Exams. No grade appeal process exists at the school and all grades are final.

You will not receive any credit hours for participation in the AAMPLE® Program. Both classes are offered at zero credits.

Due to security issues, a copy of your final exams with comments will NOT be made available. Please be assured that all exams are graded by exam number / student grade number only and much time is spent to ensure that the grade issued is fair and accurate. There is no grade appeal process in the AAMPLE® program.

Each course will meet at least 4 hours live each week. Students are also required to participate in the discussion board and assigned group work each week. Attendance in the live sessions, participation in the discussion boards and group assignments is mandatory. It is recommended that students access each course at least once a day in order to keep up with the postings and the emails. Of course the time and flexibility of the online program is that class is always open. Students may access their classes content at anytime.

Full time Law School Professors.

Final exams will be conducted at Florida Coastal School of Law in Jacksonville, Florida or remotely at a designated test site within a reasonable commuting distance of the student's address.  Those opting to take their exams remotely will incur a non-refundable fee inclusive for both exams.  Attempts will be made to find centers within 100 miles of student's location; however, this is not guaranteed.  Exams are administered using ExamSoft / SofTest and you will need a personal laptop for final exams. Students are required to take final exams on the designated dates and times.

In the past, successful students have told us they spend an average of 60 - 80 hours a week studying the materials in the Online AAMPLE ® Program.

No. A limited number of accredited law schools operate their own conditional admission programs. You should inquire about the admission standards and success rates of those on-campus programs.

AAMPLE®students who meet the established minimum grade and GPA requirements at the end of the program will gain admission into the next entering JD class, so long as they provide the law school with an official transcript showing receipt of a bachelor's degree. 

NOTE: Students who participate in the AAMPLE® program and are unsuccessful are not eligible to apply to AAMPLE® for two (2) years at any InfiLaw law school. After two (2) years have passed, students are welcome to submit applications for AAMPLE.


AAMPLE® online students will use the school's Learning Management System (LMS), Desire2Learn (D2L), email, chat rooms, streaming audio and video to communicate with other students and faculty. AAMPLE® on-campus students will meet at Florida Coastal School of Law.

The AAMPLE® courses are typically five weeks long; the late fall and summer cohorts are four weeks.  Online orientation sessions are the week before the program officially begins and exams are the week after classes end, so your total time commitment for AAMPLE® is six or seven weeks depending on if you're in a 4-week or 5-week cohort.

The AAMPLE® curriculum is comprised of material and topics from two traditional law school courses. They are offered at zero credits in the AAMPLE® program. Introduction to the 4th Amendment is a public law offering using an appellate case method of instruction. Negotiable Instruments is a private law course based on a statutory framework.

You must satisfactorily complete the application and explain any legal history.  This process is administered by FCSL Admissions.

No. Because AAMPLE® is a performance-based program, financial aid is not available. Financial aid is only available for degree programs. If admission is gained to the Law School, then students may apply for financial aid.

Not all students who complete the AAMPLE® program will be admitted to the next JD class. In the 25 year history of the program, about 20%-50% of the students in any given year are successful. In some years the success rate has dropped as low as 11% and in other years it has climbed to as high as 73%. There is no “quota” on the number of AAMPLE® students who will be admitted to the Law School. All those who meet the course and overall GPA requirements are offered admission into the Law School after successfully completing the additional Law School requirements. The usual range, however, is approximately 20%-50% of enrolled AAMPLE® students. There is of course, no way to know how many will be successful in a given year.

The average success / pass rate at FCSL for the the last year is 56%.

The Alternative Admission Model Program for Legal Education (AAMPLE®) offers determined individuals - whose outright admission to law school has been barred based on traditional applicant criteria (LSAT and GPA) - the opportunity to earn a place in the classroom. This performance-based admissions program rewards students who demonstrate the desire, commitment, and level of achievement necessary to manage the rigors of law school. Those admitted through the AAMPLE® program demonstrate a strong potential for success in law school.

The AAMPLE® program is a time consuming and difficult program. Our data shows a much higher pass rate for students who are not working. As a result, we do not advise students to hold full time jobs or take any other classes during the program.

AAMPLE® students who meet the established minimum grade and overall GPA requirements at the end of the program will gain admission into the next entering JD class.