Faculty Directory


The faculty of Coastal Law is an innovative and dynamic group of teachers and scholars who are dedicated to the educational and practical advancement of our students. The more than 70 full-time members of our faculty come to Coastal Law from some of the country’s most acclaimed law schools, including Harvard, University of California, Berkeley, George Washington, Duke, Georgetown, Columbia University and New York University.

Reaching across all fields of legal scholarship and practice, faculty members come to the classroom with extensive, real-world experience as former judges, private practice attorneys, government lawyers, and public interest advocates. Simultaneous with teaching black-letter law, the faculty shares their practical experiences including providing expert testimony before judges, legislatures, and various agencies and organizations.

Many faculty members are internationally accomplished as well; recent distinctions include counsel to the Iraqi Commission, the United Nations’ war crimes tribunal in The Hague, and the Nepalese governmental on issues of constitutional reform. In addition, faculty members have published in law reviews, books and textbooks worldwide.