Part-Time Evening

Coastal Law now offers a part-time evening (PTE) program that is designed for students who are unable or prefer not to enroll full-time. For many working professionals, this program presents a financially feasible and flexible way to earn a law degree at Coastal Law. In addition, PTE students will have convenient access to full-time student amenities, including academic success, bar exam support, career counseling and experiential learning opportunities. Likewise, students in the program are eligible to participate in student organizations, including moot court, mock trial, and law review.

Program Details

The program will lead to a Juris Doctor degree with the same requirements as the Full-Time and Part-Time Day Programs. Per Coastal Policy students have 6 years to complete the course of study and graduate. Classes will be offered Monday through Thursday between 6:00pm-9:00pm.

All courses required for graduation will be offered during evening hours. A broad selection of elective courses needed for graduation will be offered to provide both the breadth and depth expected of quality legal education. 

Per ABA standards, full-time professors will teach all evening required courses. Professors will be recruited first via a volunteer request protocol and then on a mandatory rotational basis if required.

Admissions and Financial Assistance

Standard admissions criteria will be applied.

PTE students will also be eligible for Merit Scholarships.