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Florida Coastal School of Law Launches its Business and Entrepreneurial Law Clinic!

 Florida Coastal is excited to announce the creation of its Business and Entrepreneurial Law Clinic.  Florida Coastal's new Business and Entrepreneurial Law Clinic serves a dual purpose: Giving law students exposure to real-life issues that confront startup companies and providing startups with high-quality legal help.  

  • Far from a traditional classroom setting: Students work on actual client projects under the supervision of a licensed attorney

  • Students have an opportunity to work on a variety of transactions crucial to startup companies: selection and formation of business entity; negotiation, preparation, and review of business agreements; employee management; and legal issues related to growing the business.

  • Students attend classes covering relevant legal issues facing startups and fledgling businesses, focusing on practical application of the law in the form of drafting, client counseling, problem-solving, and negotiation

  • Students analyze real-life problems, handle actual emergencies, and juggle a variety of important clients and transactions- just like a practicing attorney.

  • Students develop analytical, planning, editorial and counseling skills in the context of client projects and realistic, problem-based class work. 

  • Students learn to review and draft legal documents and to communicate complex legal concepts in clear, concise, and understandable ways using plain language.

  • The B&E Clinic ties in with Florida Coastal’s Center for Law Practice Technology, where students learn about crowdfunding and other relevant topics in courses such as the “Lawyer as Entrepreneur.”

     Feeding Jacksonville’s Entrepreneur Ecosystem:  One of the primary goals of the Clinic is to support the development of an entrepreneurship ecosystem in Jacksonville.  Florida Coastal hopes to form partnerships with small-business incubators, training academies, community development groups, and business education programs, and hopes to be able to serve the clients and students of these organizations by educating them on the legal issues facing companies as they are formed and begin to grow. 

    Our students will be able to assist creators and entrepreneurs who might not be able to afford to hire an attorney and who might, as a result, miss out on important protections to their business and take unnecessary risks without having the advice and expertise of an attorney.  The services provided by our clinic will be at no or very low cost to clients. 

  • For more information, please contact Professor Katharine Hartland, Supervising Attorney, or

  • To become a client of the clinic, please complete the Application below and submit for review to Professor Hartland:



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