Information Technology

Commonly asked computer-related questions.

Do you offer any computer-related courses?

While we don't offer any official computer-related (i.e.: technically inclined) in our curriculum, we do have resources that Computer Services offers in optional courses over the course of a year.

Typically, we take a small group of interested students and teach them some basics about computer security and how to keep their computer running smoothly.

Recently, we held a small course on the subject of security, and we have three presentations from it:

Why am I getting a message about being transfered to a secure page?

What does this mean?

The message in the image above is designed to protect and inform you.  If you get the message while following a link or from clicking on one of your favorites, then it's likely the link in question is out of date and pointing to the non-secure version of the form.

When you try to load that page, you should get a message explaining the situation, once you're ready, click on the "Continue to Secure Version" to continue.

If you think you've gotten this message in error, please contact the webmaster.