Assured Outcomes Partnership

Because Coastal Law so strongly believes in the effectiveness of our curriculum and the quality of the educational services we provide to support student performance, we are proud to be the first law school nationwide to introduce an innovative program designed to support shared accountability for student outcomes. We call it the Coastal Law Assured Outcomes Partnership and, participating students who fully commit to program will earn a number of important assurances, including opportunities for experiential learning and first time bar pass success.

Assured Academic Success | Assured Bar Passage

Assured Legal Work Experience



Terms and Conditions Applicable to All Assured Outcomes:

In addition to the terms and conditions applicable to each individual Assured Outcome as described above, in order to be eligible to collect on any Assured Outcome, a student must have satisfied the following:

  • Have signed an Assured Outcome Partnership Agreement before the end of his/her first semester.
  • Be current in his/her tuition due to the school.
  • Not have been found to be in violation of the Student Code of Conduct or the Honor Code while attending Coastal Law through final proceedings under either Code.
  • Not have any administrative holds placed on his/her student account.
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student during each semester.
  • Have completed any necessary amendments to his/her law school application and received approval from the Dean for Student Affairs no later than the posting of grades in first semester courses.