Florida Coastal School of Law runs on a rolling admissions process. Therefore, no application deadline exists; however, applicants are encouraged to submit their applications as early as possible to ensure that seats in the upcoming class are available and to take advantage of scholarship opportunities.

For more detailed information on Coastal Law, view our ABA Standard 509 Information Report.

Coastal Law Admissions Procedure

1)  Research law schools and speak with an admissions counselor to make sure that Florida Coastal School of Law is the right fit for your needs.

2)  Register with the Law School Admission Council (LSAC) for the Law School Admission Test (LSAT) and the Credential Assembly Service (CAS).

3)  Complete Coastal Law’s online application. There is no application fee to apply.

  1. A complete application consists of all undergraduate transcripts, two letters of recommendation, a personal statement, a resume, and your LSAT score.
    • The LSAT must be taken within five years of the desired start date.
  2. The CAS report from LSAC will consist of your undergraduate transcripts, your LSAT report, and your two letters of recommendation.

4)  Once your complete application is received it will go on to the Admissions Committee for review.

  1. Students can check their application status online throughout the admissions process.
  2. The Admissions Committee does not release information about the reason for their decision.

5)  If accepted, you will be required to submit a nonrefundable seat deposit in order to reserve your seat in Coastal Law’s incoming class.

  1. The seat deposit will be credited to the student’s tuition upon matriculation.
  2. A student who has been accepted for admission into one entering class, but who does not enroll in that class, must reapply for any later class and be considered for admission according to the standards of the class sought to be entered.

6)  After you submit your seat deposit you are now on your way to becoming a Juris Doctor Candidate at Florida Coastal School of Law.  Congratulations!  We look forward to having you with us.


Important Note:  Prior to entering classes at Florida Coastal School of Law, students must have the official transcript, indicating they have received baccalaureate degree, mailed to the Office of Admissions. CAS copies are only sufficient for a preliminary determination of admission.  Students are not allowed to continue their studies beyond the first semester unless the official transcript has been received.