Practitioner Clinics

A Practitioner Clinics is a specialized course in which students who have already taken the associated doctrinal course work more closely on pro bono cases with a practitioner licensed to practice law in Florida. For instance, students who have already successfully completed the doctrinal Trusts and Estates course in a prior semester are eligible to register for the Trusts and Estates Practitioner Clinic.

The benefits of live client experience include:

  • Observing practitioners and learning professionalism from practicing attorneys.
  • Fostering an awareness of the importance of pro bono work.
  • Learning practical skills they can use upon graduation.
  • Receiving mentoring from the practitioner who is teaching the Skills Lab.
  • Providing networking opportunities which may lead to job opportunities.
  • Creating reputation enhancement opportunities for the student and school.

Practitioner Clinics offered (may vary by semester):

  •  Mediation
  •  Wills, Estates & Trusts
  •  Wrongful Convictions
  •  Interviewing & Counseling
  •  Unemployment Compensation Benefits Claims and Appeal Hearings
  •  Florida Appellate Law
  •  Education Law
  •  Naturalization Law
  •  Veteran's Benefits
  •  Child Advocacy and Dependency

Contact Information

For information about Practitioner Clinics, contact Annette Ritter, Associate Dean of Experiential Learning, at or (904) 680-7668.